What are the Benefits of Local Colocation Data Centers?


When it comes to keeping your systems functional, secure, and powered, colocation just makes sense. Many businesses have turned to colocation data centers as a way to enjoy the benefits of having their servers in the cloud and secure while still maintaining physical control, and without the costs of maintaining their own facility. So, if physical control is one of the main benefits of colocation, wouldn’t you want your center to be local? In this blog, we’re going to go over some of the reasons why a local colocation data center can benefit your business.

24/7 Access

One of the concerns with moving data off-site is not having immediate access to your servers. However, choosing a local data center can save you a lot of time and mileage in the case that you need to access your system. If by chance you can’t make it to the data center in person, colocation facilities have 24/7 customer support and managed services to help you out.


While security is one of the main benefits of colocation data centers, having a local facility means you can check up on security yourself. Your servers are your property, so you should be able to have access to them whenever you need.

Professional Relationships

When choosing to outsource anything, it’s beneficial to have a professional relationship with the people who are handling your data. When your data is stored far away, it can be difficult to communicate with these professionals compared to being able to see them on a regular basis. Not only will the staff of your local colocation center provide real live customer service when you need it, but you can trust that they will use their expertise to keep things functioning correctly.

Another benefit of knowing the people who run the colocation center is you have an easier understanding of who to turn to in case you need help with something. The people in charge of larger facilities are not usually the people who will be available to speak with you, however a smaller, local team can provide greater accountability and expertise.

Local Network Access

If your local internet service provider is also your local colocation solution, things can run a lot more smoothly. Uploading, downloading and disaster recovery all become easier and faster when you’re on a dedicated network.

Final Considerations

Businesses looking to utilize colocation centers can benefit from a local facility in many ways. Location is important not only because the geographical location matters, but because the location of your data center has an impact on many other factors that are crucial to the success and functionality of the data center.

Colocation with Cloudsmart

Located in Branford, Connecticut, we specialize in providing high-performance internet solutions to the region’s leading businesses, municipalities and other organizations. Along with fortified controls and security, our customers appreciate the exceptional local support they receive from our technical team.

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